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ISO 9001: The Quality Management System Standard

Introduction: The requirements for putting into practise a Quality Management System (QMS) are outlined in the widely accepted ISO 9001 standard. It offers a framework for businesses to set up systems, procedures, and checks to consistently produce goods and services that satisfy customers and meet their needs. This article seeks to give a general overview of ISO 9001, as well as the advantages it offers and the procedures needed to put it into practise and maintain it.

There are immense advantages of ISO 9001, Increased customer satisfaction, Improved processes and efficiency, Better decision-making and management control, Competitive advantage & Continuous improvement.

In conclusion, ISO 9001 offers organisations a solid foundation for creating and maintaining a QMS that prioritises client happiness, process effectiveness, and ongoing development. Organisations may improve their reputation, acquire a competitive advantage, and promote sustainable growth by applying ISO 9001.

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    • a.   Register with ISAR by paying the relevant fee.

      b.   You will receive standards, Annexures and formats along with PPT

      c.   You can contact the helpline to get assistance for implementation

      d.   Fill in the Annexures and formats and email them to FEQH

      e.   Indicate the month during which you want the audit

      f.    FEQH will inform you name and contact details of the auditor along with audit fee intimation

      g.   Pay the audit fee and contact the auditor for a suitable date and time of audit

      h.   After the audit auditor will send you audit report along with deficiencies, if any.

      i.    Close the deficiencies and send the closure report to FEQH.

    • You can call the ISAR office and request them to send you the Accreditation registration form alternatively you can send Whatsapp message to 98200 56944 whereby you will get the form immediately.

    • Once you fill in the form and register, you will get accreditation standard, Forms and formats, a video to assist in filling the forms and formats and a PPT for implementing the Standard in IVF Clinic.

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