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Ace Medinet Hospital Services is a consulting firm that helps hospitals achieve various certifications, including NABH. We use a systematic approach that starts with a gap analysis to identify areas where the hospital falls short of certification requirements. Ace Medinet then develops standardized operating procedures (SOPs) that align with industry best practices and certification standards. We also focus on infection control and create manuals tailored to the specific needs of each hospital. Finally, we offer comprehensive training programs to hospital staff to ensure that they have the skills and knowledge to implement the developed SOPs and adhere to infection control protocols.

Ace Medinet is committed to enhancing healthcare delivery and patient safety within certified hospitals. We do this by providing a holistic range of services that cover all aspects of the certification process.

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Ace Medinet Hospital Services Consultants for all the fraternities be it Nursing Home, Laboratory or Ophthamolgical setup

Ace Medinet Hospital Services has consulted more than 500 hospitals to acquire NABH Certification Standard. FEQH was the first consulting body to help Nursing Home to acquire NABH SHCO Certification.

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ISO Certification for Hospitals, Nursing Homes, IVF Clinics, Ophthaologists, Institutes or Government facilities

Ace Medinet Hospital Services has helped more than 200 Organisation to acquire ISO 9001 Standard. Many government and Municipal Corporation have acquired ISO Certification through FEQH.

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Standard for IVF Clinics

FEQH, in association with the Indian Society for Assisted Reproduction, formed a standard for IVF Clinics and is certifying the same. There are more than 150 certificates issued to this Standard.

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Standard for Nursing Homes

The year 2000 was a very important landmark for Healthcare. AMC & FEQH formed Accreditation Standards for Nursing Homes, which acted as a lighthouse for NH and hence became very popular. This was the pre NABH era. There were more than 400 certificates issued for this Standard.

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